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“Node Nine is The Future of Crypto Mining”


Node Nine Masternode Hosting is a “Proof of Stake” mining concept wherein computers on the blockchain network (masternodes) are credited cryptocurrency for performing a broad range of actions.

Blockchains, in broad terms, break down into three types. POW (proof of work), POS (proof of stake) and a mixture of both.

Each of these blockchains must have a mechanism for processing transactions which allows the blockchain to function.

POW blockchains, such as Bitcoin, are underpinned by ‘miners’ who process transactions by ‘mining’ blocks which are then added to the blockchain. A block is “mined” when a miners rig (which is a computer specifically designed to process data at a very high rate) guesses the answer to a complex puzzle, and in turn is rewarded.

Unfortunately POW systems are extremely energy intensive, requiring huge investments in depreciating computer hardware and the tremendous costs of electricity needed to power them. The crypto industry is rapidly moving to an alternative, more energy efficient type of blockchain called POS or “Proof of Stake”.

“Proof of Stake” blockchains are underpinned by Masternodes.

These are computers which process transactions on the blockchain and as a result are rewarded with coins from the blocks being created.


In addition to gaining exposure to the large potential increases in value that may come with cryptocurrency ownership, masternodes provide the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies with the added benefit of earning guaranteed extra coins. 

Masternodes require very little technical implementation, require minimal resources to operate and guarantee a return on investment as the masternode operator “retains” the cryptocurrency that is staked – while reaping the daily rewards securing and contributing to the blockchain network.


Return on Your Investment

  • Node Nine Master Node Hosting

Mimimal Overhead

  • Subscribers to HEX Shield Advisory Services will get an “out of the box” vetted wallet software, network setup, as well as operating systems and procedures to manage secure and confidential cryptocurrency transactions in-house, complying with best in class security practices.
  • Tailor-made security advisory projects, including on-site security assessments, project management, gap analysis and remediation plans are available on-demand.

Ability to Stay Nimble

  • Subscribers to HEX Shield Managed Services will get ongoing support services and vulnerability monitoring to ensure our clients’ infrastructure stays secure and up-to-date.
  • Subscribers are protected from attack vectors and security threats, so that they can focus on their business with peace of mind.


We offer a holistic set of solutions for companies that want to launch an ICO. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their business model and make sure requirements are translated into a solid implementation plan.

Our services include the development of a business plan and technical whitepaper, legal set-up, structuring of the token sale, development of the ICO smart contract, marketing campaign, custodian services for raised funds and conversion of raised funds into FIAT currencies.

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